Images that evoke a sense of escape through the obliteration of architectural forms. Apocalyptic dread is layered into notions of paradise and utopian futures via a continual cyclical narrative of disasters unfolding and surfaces scarred with the traces and marks of exit, as the sites of a great evacuation.

Landfill, 2012

Space is mapped and land is filled, through the animation of gps data co-ordinates and interconnected narrative excerpts with trashpickers and members of squatter communities in the Jakarta slums. The animation is a journey around Jakarta to the landfill site at Bantar Gebang, home of the rubbish from the 25million population of Indonesia's capital. The journey explores location, disjunction and flow around the urban environs of Jakarta as it presents the informal economy of the urban periphery in a visually fragmented view of life situated around recycling. The installation gives voice to individual perspectives and narratives connected to reveal migration, transit and experience of the ‘everyday’ of urban peripheries. The physical is displaced by the virtual, the animation of the gps data, the real displaced by the simulated with the voices and experiences of those caught between.

PeripherieS, 2011

'Peripheries' is taken from part of a film which explores, location, disjunction and flow around the urban environs of Jakarta. It presents the informal economy of the urban periphery, a visual document of life situated around recycling from Bantar Gebang the largest landfill site of Indonesia. 

The daily delivery of the flow of waste from the capital to be processed and repackaged by manual recycling through the socio-economic realities of late capitalism.

The future may hold solutions to waste disposal, recycling, renewable energy, capitalism, poverty and social exclusion.

L'AtlantiquE, 2011

Atlantic coast of Morocco, where communities are dependent upon the sea using traditional fishing technique, the sea immersed into the fabric of daily life. This site is also a departure point for economic migrants from Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa attempting to travel to Europe and major transit point for smuggled goods. A geographical place loaded with post-colonial and historical referents.

Part of the 'Atlantic' series.