The Cillini spreads across rural Ireland, dotted along margins, the corner of fields and the interiors of circular fairy forts, each of its rocks a marker, each stone a grave. The Cillini take up root as traumatic sites of oppressive religious practices, they are the sites of children’s burial grounds, of unbaptised infants whose souls were consigned to eternal limbo.

Within my current exploration of the Cillini I am producing a body of work across different media.

In my film practice these harrowing spaces are explored using drones to create an emotive sense of place and a soundtrack of lament from the Irish funereal practice of keening. The children’s burial grounds are placed in Iron age circles, liminal spaces viewed within Irish folk tradition as fairy forts guarded by curses and spells that offer protection to the souls of the dead.

This is an eerie encounter between worlds, the contemporary and the ancient, the world of the living and the world of limbo, of fairy lore and tragedy in a landscape embedded with sorrow.  

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Testing 360-degree cameras

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Do you know of any Cillini sites in Ireland? Or anyone who has had a personal experience with a cillin?

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